Cool Gadgets To Keep In Touch

1 Dec

Of course, everyone now a days pretty much has a cell phone, but when you’re miles away going to school, and not making a huge amounts of money, keeping up with those bills can be a tad difficult if you’re calling back home constantly. Can you imagine if you’re overseas or even in just a different country? Even texting would kill your bank account. So what cool gadgets can you get to stay in touch and keep your bills down?

Well first, gadgets do cost money, but I am only going to share with you gadgets that are totally worth the one-time investment and that you don’t need to be a software engineer to understand how they work. Let’s be honest… I’m not very tech savvy so if I can figure these bad boys out, so can you!

My favourite is definitely the iPhone. And gosh darn, it is very expensive. But…. but…. (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) iPhone’s have facetime! It’s a video chat for your iPhone friends and family! Doesn’t cost anything, all you need is a wifi connection and you can facetime anywhere you are, as long as your friends have an iphone as well!

On the other side of technology competition, there is the Blackberry Playbook. Yeah I know, contradicting my opinions here. However, the playbook is much cheaper than an iPhone or iPad and has video chat as well. Again, free but you need to have wifi and the other person has to have a playbook as well. But it’s totally awesome and fun.

I love both of these gadgets that I have, but if you really do not want to invest the money (you should – they’re awesome) then you can always use Skype. Free download… online, can skype anyone if they have it downloaded too. It’s not always the best, but it works!

And those, my friends, are my favourite gadgets to stay in touch with friends and family.


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