What Are REALLY Career Choosing Sites?

30 Dec

Career choosing can suck. Actually, it’s not that is necessarily sucks but it sure as heck can be difficult. What if you know what field you want to go into, but have no idea what type of careers fall into that category. I know for myself, when I think of jobs I automatically think of the typical jobs, like a career in education, a police officer, taxi driver or a librarian. I never think of a agricultural chemistry job or a addictions nurse.
There! Right there is a perfect example of what I’m trying to say. Say you want to be a nurse, but have no idea what kind of nurse or field of nursing you want to be in! I honestly made a list of type of nurses the other day, and to my amazement the list was a lot longer than I thought it would be. I’m talking 50 kind of nurse positions… and I’m sure there’s even more than that. That’s only as far as I went before I gave up. Conclusion: There’s a lot of nursing jobs.


But seriously though. There are so many careers that you really wouldn’t know of, or think about if it wasn’t for amazing websites and resources that inform you about them. Some of my favourite sites for career choosing are listed below to help you decide specifically, what you’d like to be.

I’m just here to make your life that much easier. You’re welcome.

The first website I want to share with you is going to help you with degree and career choosing because of course, you need to start with schooling. Duh.

Another amazing career site you should check out is this one which is all for students trying to figure out what in the world you’d like to do.

I know some specific sites for career choosing in computers and communications as well as medicine careers and even career choosing for the dream job.

These sites should be just enough information for you, but if you still want to do some more searching, try out this site or a quick look into google will bring up a million other options for you!

Good luck and I hope this narrowed down your extensive list of career possibilities… or increased it!


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