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Are Online Courses For Everyone?

7 Dec

Although I would like to tell you that online college courses are for everyone, the truth is that they are not typical for everyone. Now don’t get me wrong, anyone can do online courses, but it is up to you to change your bad habits and really commit to the class and work that needs to be done. What I mean by this is if you usually need someone to push you to get your work done, taking online classes will be a struggle for you.

When doing online college courses, you are working with no supervision, no teacher standing over your head telling you to get your work done, and more times than not, deadlines are not as set in stone as they are with traditional classes. As mentioned, if you really want to do your courses online, absolutely, but if you are a student that gets distracted easily, or priorities tend to get a little mixed up, or procrastination is your middle name, it will be much more difficult for you.

I am not trying to deter you from online college classes, because it offers amazing flexibility to your schedule, but be sure you know what you are getting into before proceeding.

Online classes are done on your own time and own speed. You will not have a teacher reminding you about the assignment due tomorrow, or the 30% test that is coming next week. These are things that you will be fully responsible for remembering and preparing yourself for. With that said, organizational skills will definitely be a benefit to those who do take online courses.

Deadlines seem to be a little different with online courses, as well. As opposed to an assignment being due on Monday, your course may give you all the projects with the date for all of them being at the end of the semester. You guessed it, time management is going to be a handy thing to have under your belt.

Along with organizational skills and time management, you need to be dedicated and committed to your work. I know so many people who have slacked off on their online courses, and now while everyone’s going home to enjoy their Christmas holidays, these particular friends of mine as going to have to cram in all the assignments they said, “I’ll do it another day” too.

Sucks, right?

So be sure to have your priorities in check. You will need to apple self-discipline, stay focused and manage your time well. Some people naturally have these traits, but if you do not and still want to take online courses, remember to work extra hard at the things mentioned in this article.