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What is a Fraternity and is it for me?

26 Sep

Just like a Sorority, a Fraternity is a social organization of close-nit friends – a brotherhood. Of course like most things, there are horrible stereotypes about people that are in a Fraternity. Frat boys are assumed to be jocks, cocky, douche-bags, sluts… the list goes on and on. Wait a second.. fraternity or not, did I just describe the typical man? Oh, I’m just kidding! Stereotypes are rude assumptions made up from envious, insecure people. Scratch your previous judgement of fraternities and frat boys, because Hollywood’s Old School isn’t necessarily the most accurate idea of a fraternity. They are just a group of guys that like to hang out together… and maybe get a little crazy from time to time. The boys didn’t get to school on a Fraternity scholarship! Anyone of those frat boys could be taking any course your school offers, whether it be on how to become a psychiatrist or an online engineering program, so leave the judgement in high school! We’re supposed to be some-what of adults now, right? 😉

If you’re thinking of joining a frat, be prepared to go through the pledging process. It is just like when you tried out for your high school football team, or the rookie party back in your hockey days. It’s just a fun way to get to know everyone, and see if you are a good fit for the group. Who wants a Debby downer in the group? No one, so of course they do want to go through the applicants to make sure the group will maintain a close brotherhood after you join. If you are interested in being in an active, social group – then a frat is definitely something to consider. Frat life is full of fun, social events. Yes, parties are involved, but school events such as formal dances, fundraisers and community work are often done by Fraternities as well. They aren’t just a group of guys that get drunk, sloppy and sleep around…. they do more then that too! Just kidding again! 🙂 But jokes aside, a fraternity is no different then any group of friends that like to do things together!