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How To Avoid The Black Friday Mobs?

23 Nov

So you’re a college student and you’re obviously on some sort of budget. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living at home, rent-free or going to one of the best online schools, you are on some sort2115_4782.JPG of allowance. Whether your parents set it for you, or you have a million, gazillion bills (like me), you have a limit that you have set yourself and unfortunately for most students, this doesn’t allow a lot of extra spending. It sucks.. I know! I am a true shopping at heart. It breaks me every time when I look at my bank account and realize that I don’t have the extra funds to buy that cute sweater or my favourite movie that just came out on DVD!


(drum roll please)

…this is the time to let yourself go a little bit over budget because it will be worth it in the end. I mean, you probably don’t even have to go over budget because I am talking about BLACK FRIDAY where everything is on sale. And no, I’m not talking about just any sale.. I’m talking about AMAZINGLY on sale. Discounts to the max and oh boy, I am getting so excited! Can you tell?

Okay, but we all hate the crowds or we strictly don’t have the time to take out of our studying, or online classes to rampage through stores alongside other crazed people and mobs. I get it, because who really hasĀ  the time to do this? Apparently one too many people.

So, the alternative to avoiding the Black Friday mobs but getting the BLACK FRIDAY deals is CYBER MONDAY. Yes, it is called Cyber Monday, but I hate calling it that because tons of stores have already started their deals, sales and mark downs on their sites. Therefore, we get to shop for deals sooner than everyone else!


We’re a step ahead of the game! But seriously, this is an amazing way to still swag those Black Friday deals but not have to go through the hassle of crowds and lines.

Amazing, right?