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What Are The Benefits Of Online Courses?

18 Oct

You may not think that there is a big difference between online college courses and traditional college courses, but there is! Taking online courses instead of traditional ones can actually be very beneficial to the student.
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Of course, the biggest benefit of taking online college courses is the flexibility it gives you. You can do the course whenever, wherever and take as much time as you please, within reason of course. As long as you have your laptop, WI-fi (or a rocket stick) then you’re good to go! Online courses are great for students that have a busy schedule due to work… or lots of partying. Hey… I’m not judging! A lot of single-parents take courses online and even athletes! I know a lot of people who are professional hockey players and they get paid big bucks to play a sport, but they want that degree under their belt and with next to no available time and constantly traveling, they decided to complete their goal by taking online courses. Genius, right?

Another huge benefit is that taking courses online saves you money! Don’t believe me? Consider the costs of student residency if you were to go away for college. Most places also charge plus utilities – so up goes your expenses dramatically. On top of that, you have transportation costs, either your car (insurance and gas) or a bus pass. Don’t forget Moneythat you will need to eat, so add groceries onto that list as well… and trust me, the list is endless.  That’s a couple thousand dollars (on average) that you’re saving a month just by taking online courses. I don’t know about you but this sounds golden!

Due to growth in online programs, you have the luxury of studying anything you want with whatever school you want. Okay, maybe not anything and any school – but it’s getting there. Tons of programs and degrees can be earned from online courses, and a bunch of schools that are offering these opportunities.

Ultimately, you get to do school when you want to do school and work it around your schedule, save money and study what you want to study. Can it get much better then that?


Is an Online College Degree as Credible as a Traditonal?

28 Sep

Lately, I have been thinking about going back to school. The only way I personally will do so is by taking online classes. The reason being is that I simply do not have the time or schedule to rearrange my life to go to classes that are set in stone. Another main reason of mine is because that 30-60 minute commute to a school is 30-60 minutes that I can spend working on my online classes or working my job. It just fits better for me, and that’s that. However, now that I am seriously considered getting an online college degree, I start to wonder if this is as credible as if I were to physical go to school. Although I have done an extensive search for the best online colleges, distance learning and talking to several friends of mine that have done online classes themselves – I was still left with the question: Is an online college degree as credible as a traditional degree? Alas, more research and I have some things you may want to consider when actually applying to an online college!

As I mentioned previously, make sure you search for the best online colleges and accredited online colleges. Make sure that the online school you are considering applying to is not online known, but also legitimate, prestigious and recognizable. The worst would be to have a potential employer say, “you went to school where?!” Make sure to avoid this question and apply to somewhere that people will know, such as Wilfred Laurier or University of Phoenix.

Consider the level of degree that you are aiming for. It is said that pertaining an online bachelors degrees may be considered acceptable yet less credible than if you were to get online graduate degrees. Hmmm, something to think about, right?

The field of study and industry is also a biggie. Personally, I completely understand this. For example, would you rather go to a doctor that has online degrees – or a doctor that had hands-on teaching and training?  …That should be a rhetorical question!

Conclusion? Obtaining an online degree can be just as credible as a traditional degree. As long as you consider where you are applying to, and the field of study. To be honest, would a legitimate online college let you get your medical PhD strictly online? Probably not.

As for the advice from my friends…. online classes takes a lot of dedication, hard work and commitment.