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Why Should I Go To School?

8 Sep

I once saw this picture that makes so much sense as to why you should get a higher education. Take a look…

I don’t know about you but I sure would love a lifestyle with luxury cars and an amazing house on great land. Aside from that, getting a higher education gives you the opportunity to comfortable live your life, or raise a family. Being comfortable also brings happiness and I’m sure we can all agree that we want to live a happy life. Which brings me to another point. Who wants to be flipping burgers or working just “some job” and simply just getting by with their life? I can’t say I have met anyone that wants this. We all have loves and passions and things we enjoy doing. Whether it be a firefighter, accountant or journalist… almost all careers require a diploma of some sort. Having a higher education will allow you to get that job you love and be happy with the path you chose. Having a job is an absolute necessity to live… so why not have one that you absolute love going to everyday?

Maybe you have had children or other obligations that you feel will get in the way of your school schedule, but there are so many schools that offer a fast-track program or online courses so you can work at your own pace. Don’t continue making excuses for yourself and get that education you deserve.

Life is about choices. You are in control of your own success, your own happiness. Make the most out of it and take that time and go to school.


Intro to Blog

2 Sep

Alright, don’t lie to me. We all have questions that we have always wanted to ask but never have due to the context of the question, or because you felt dumb.

No need to worry about that here. You can ask any questions that you have in the comment section below, and yes – you can remain anonymous.

This blog is about ALL of the questions students have. I will answer questions about universities, colleges, mean girls, dating, cooking, fashion… whatever you need answered, I’ll get it done for you.

Don’t be shy ladies and gents, if you want to know something – all you have to do is ask and I will take care of it for you.

Consider me your personal… life/problem solver.