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What College Is Right For You?

21 Dec

I know the feeling! There are a million colleges to choose from that all specialize in your specific career path and offer “the best online courses for you!” It seems like every college is the college that you should go to. It can definitely be difficult to see behind the marketing smiles and sayings of each and every school and see which one will actually be the perfect fit for you to attend.

Pub Quiz
Online quizzes are a great way to see which schools would be a good choice for you. Of course, you don’t want to go onto just any site that anyone could have created. You want to know that the information you are receiving is legitimate, yet honest… and definitely something unbiased! Remember in grade 10 when you had careers class and you took all those quizzes to see which career was the perfect fit for you, your personality, goals and dreams? Well it’s kind of like that, only for figuring out which college is right for you.

Seventeen is a prestigious magazine for teens just like you. Their website offers a quiz that you can take to match you up with a college to your taste.

Another magazine offering quizzes to help you with your decision is Alloy.

Another website that I would suggest taking their quiz is on myusearch!

USNEWS offers a really good quiz as well!

What I would suggest is taking all the courses that you possible can, and see which college comes up the most for you. Do some research and see if the quizzes are right. At least it’ll give you some lead way on your decision! There are a whole bunch of other sites that offer sites so do a search and see what comes up for you!

For now, good luck! Remember that college choosing should be fun!