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How Do I Get Involved With My School Without Joining Extra Curricular Activities?

15 Sep

So you want to be apart of your school, instead of it just being a building that provides you with classes and a lot of studying? However, you have no talent (doubtful! ;)), no time or desire to join extra curricular activities? No need for you to worry!! You can get involved with your school activities by simply attending them and showing your support. For example, grab your friends and:

  • attend a football game
  • go to the school formal
  • help out/or go to fundraisers.

There are so many things you can attend that your College or University will host throughout the year. I have only listed my personal favourites. If you don’t have the time and are extremely overwhelmed with your program to make the effort to attend a party or sport game, think about volunteering with your school in an activity that is pertaining to your course. Maybe it’s Social Work or a Criminal Justice Major, whatever your major may be…. think of all the fabulous benefits community work will have for you. Not only do you get the community hours that almost every employer looks for when hiring, but when you are super tired the next day, you can justify it as you working towards your dream job!Voila!

I find that school events are always better with a group of friends. Gather together your best buddies and go to the football season opener, or basketball game! It’ll be a blast of a good time – I promise. Always better if you dress up in funky school colours as well!