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Alternative’s To Sun Tanning

4 Jan

Tanning from UV rays is bad, right? We’ve all heard it a million gazillion times. This blogger likes to fight against what everyone says and has a great excuse for everyone to continue using tanning beds and the natural sun. It’s pretty good – check it out.
However, if there is nothing that could convince you to bake in an oven, there are some good alternatives that you could use. Of course, I am only going to tell you things that are budget-friendly for all you students out there. Students are the most likely to tan, right? I’m totally just making that up. I really have no idea who tans the most, but everyone could use a little budget-friendly safe sun so let’s go with it!

My absolutely favourite alternative for tanning is a great spray tan. You can go to salons for this, but it will definitely cost you a little bit more than if you were you do it yourself! Luminess Air is definitely the best spray tan that I have tried, that you can do from home. You have to be careful to moisturize every morning and night after to spray tan to make sure that it comes off gracefully. If you fail to do so, the tan will literally peel/rub off in some places. It’s bad. I always forgot to moisturize my neck and well, after I few days I looked like I had a dirt filled body. Seriously. It was bad.

Luminess Air can be a bit pricier if this isn’t your idea of a budget-friendly option, so there are tons of ┬áTanning lotions that you can use. I have tried a lot. A LOT. And a lot of those being absolutely horrible. The best one I have tried is from Sun Lab. You still have to be careful when applying this lotion, but it goes on black, so you can see the places that are uneven or that you need to rub in more. It’s a smart cookie, I tell ya’!

Those are definitely the top home spray tan system and tanning lotion that I suggest.  Let me know what you guys think!