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My Girlfriend and I are going to school in different states. Will it work?

5 Oct

So you’re battling the big old long distance relationship monster and you have no idea what to do? I know it can suck, but if you both really want it to work – it can! Hense the word, both.

Since you are considering staying with your partner despite the long distance factor, I am going to go ahead and assume that you guys intend on being together for ever. The reason why I am saying this is because if it is just another fling, or you know you do not want to spend an eternity together, get it over with now. If this is the case, why put yourself and your partner through misery if you know that this isn’t what you want forever, only just for now. End it now. Do it for yourself and for him/her.

H0wever, if you have both openly talked about spending your life together and are both serious in your relationship and plan to have a future together, then a long distance relationship can definitely work. On the bright side, if you both know you want to spend your lives together, you will feel more secure and know that this is just a hump in your journey together, right? Once school is done, you’ll be together finally and no more long, drawn-out distances.

Most importantly, you both need to have trust and open communication. Providing one another reassurance and security can be hard when you are not physically together, so you must rely on your words. You may think you say it enough, but “I love you” and “I miss you” can never be said too many times – especially if you’re miles away from one another.

It is very important to keep him/her in your daily life as much as possible. Talk daily and share stories about each others day. Take pictures for one another of your school, dorm room, even your favourite teacher who is teaching you how to become a cop. Sharing the little things can make a huge difference and provide astonishing amounts of security and the feeling of involvement within one anothers life.

If you want it to work, then it can – as long as you do just that…. work. It will take time, effort, commitment and honesty. You can decide if the dedication you will have to put forth is worth it.

I hate to sound cliche, but in this case (and as it is in most), it is the smallest things that count!