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What are some things to do to make a long distance relationship easier?

6 Oct

As per my previous post, I thought I would provide some tips on how to successfully have a long-distance relationship as opposed to just answering if one can work. Of course, a long-distance relationship can work, but work is exactly what it will take. There are also tons of other things that you can do to make it easier for not only yourself, but your partner as well.

If you haven’t read my previous post, I definitely suggest doing so because there is a lot of information about what you need to do within yourself in order to make the long distance part of your relationship successful.

Here are three things that are readily available for you to make things easier!!

Online Courses: Taking an online course can help free up your schedule so you can visit one another more often. Let’s say you have one class on Friday but your partner lives too far to only have Saturday and Sunday free? How’s this sound… turn that class into an online course and then you have Friday, Saturday and Sunday! As per my experience, I do not have an option to visit my boyfriend as he is across the world and if you are in this position as well, I still encourage taking an online college course because you can do that whenever and won’t have to miss out on a Skype date as your partner signs online and you have to run out the door to class!

Which brings me onto my next topic. Oh the wonderful world of technology! If it wasn’t for Skype, where would I be. I don’t even think I’d be alive! I would have died from heartache long ago from missing someone! Skype is a free service which allows you to video chat with anyone – anywhere! Get you and your partner separate accounts and plan “dates” to meet online. Desperate times call for desperate measures! If it wasn’t for Skype, I’d be 6 months in on not seeing my man – or hearing his voice. Ew, brutal! I don’t even want to think about that! Get. A. Skype. Account! Trust me!

Postcards, letters and packages! Send one another these things often! It is always nice to have something physical to hold onto. I know for myself, I have a great big stuffed animal that is wearing my boyfriends sweater and I sprayed his cologne on it before he left. It is a nice “filler” for cuddle movie dates, until my honey can come home. When I’ve had a rough week of missing him, the best thing is to find a package on the front door step. I personally feel like this is such an important thing to keep the relationship alive, active and exciting. I would recommend this more than Skype… did I really just say that? Yup! I did!

Remember to keep your assumptions to yourself. This will avoid stupid fights that will only cause tension that is hard to fix…. being miles apart. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Having boundaries and rules will also help contribute to the “no fighting” approach.

Have fun and enjoy the excitement of being apart and looking forward to that time you can see each other again. It can work, as long as you both are committed to making it! People have survived long distance relationships all along – even with absolutely no technology.


How Do I Get The Most Out Of My Dorm Closet?

13 Sep

What a great question! “How do I get the most out of my dorm closet?” Well anyone who has stayed in a dorm room, or a student residence can definitely relate to this question. Let’s be honest here, dorm rooms are extremely small and the closets are only worse. I mean, if a man who hates shopping can’t fit all of his things into his dorm room closet, then you can only imagine how bad it is for the shopping addicted females! It’s not pretty – trust me.

However, lucky for you and I, I have come up with the absolute necessities you need to get the most out of your dorm closet space. You can get these items in everyday stores, such as Walmart or Target.  I personally love getting the stackable boxes, or the collapsible boxes that hang from the hanger bar, and getting decorative boxes to put in the spaces for undies, bras, socks, belts… all the good stuff! Then I leave a few empty and fold up t-shirts and tanks in them. Awesome and personalized to your taste.

I’ll show you what I mean below;

Another absolute must is Wonder Hangers. Yup, there is such a thing and they are absolutely fabulous!

Look at that! It’s genius!! Can it get any better than that? Really!?

Good luck with your closet space! I know dorm room space is limited and it can be a bad time, but at least with these absolute must-haves, you’ll get MORE out of the little space you have. And hey! If you still can’t fit all of your fashion items in your closet, then maybe you need to reconsider your career-choice and go for fashion, if you haven’t already! 😉

Intro to Blog

2 Sep

Alright, don’t lie to me. We all have questions that we have always wanted to ask but never have due to the context of the question, or because you felt dumb.

No need to worry about that here. You can ask any questions that you have in the comment section below, and yes – you can remain anonymous.

This blog is about ALL of the questions students have. I will answer questions about universities, colleges, mean girls, dating, cooking, fashion… whatever you need answered, I’ll get it done for you.

Don’t be shy ladies and gents, if you want to know something – all you have to do is ask and I will take care of it for you.

Consider me your personal… life/problem solver.